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A Tragedy Narrowly Averted... University of Central Florida

Jenn in FL

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Oh. My. Word. The details continue to render me tearful, speechless, and barely able to process.


My oldest daughter is a (graduating in May) senior at UCF.


She lives in a dorm on campus.


In one of the Towers. On the top floor.


Of Tower 1 ...


She is an RA and "door knocks" each and every room whenever the fire alarm goes off to make certain everyone evacuates. Then they all flock to the stairwell and make their way down and out of the building.


Please pray for these students and all of the rest of the campus (not to mention their friends and families) as the magnitude of "what almost was" begins to sink in.


Thank you,



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Thank you so much for the hugs and comforting words. This WTM community is so generous with their thoughts and prayers and has been so for YEARS.


Re: a 30 year old in the dorms. This particular dorm is a high rise building designed with four individual bedrooms and two baths in each apartment. The kitchen and living areas are communally shared. Apparently, according to my daughter, occasionally they do have 'older' students, although it is not the norm.


Re: not being enrolled in classes. He was in the process of being evicted from the dorm for non-payment of rent. If it is anything close to a regular eviction procedure here in Florida, then (legally) it takes time. I would have never considered that it was possible to be in arrears in a dorm situation (and remain on premise.) Sigh.


Lisa, thank you for the blessings. It was Katie....... who has now jumped into full mentoring/mothering/RA mode. She left her dorm door open all day today and will again tomorrow and had tons of "her kids" streaming into her room "just to talk it out." The UCF administration has provided extensive counseling staff to be made available indefinitely on a 24/7 basis. Last night they met with the RA staff and beginning today they are hosting individual counseling sessions for each floor as well.


One day at a time....


Again, thank you all,



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