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What to do on the Outer Banks?

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I should know this one. I do live in NC. We just don't go to the Outer Banks. We are going with another family of 5 - their kids are 8, 8, and 11. (Mine are 8, 11, and 13.) We picked the house based on walking distance to the beach. I know we hope to go to the Wright Brothers Memorial and Jockey's Ridge. (I know there is not at lot at either place, but the kids have never been to either.) Lost Colony is also a hopeful. FWIW, the house is on Hatteras Island, less than a block from the beach.


Anything else?? Or good places to eat too?

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If you are there for the week, there is a ton to do. We used to vacation there, and one thing I always wanted to do, but never did was go to Ocracoke Island. It is the southern tip, and you have to take a ferry across, and for a long time it was basically untouched by the "mainland". The accent is very different there, it is supposed to be very "quaint", you can rent bikes to explore, it is supposed to be amazing.


There are also Elizabethan Gardens (not on Ocracoke), but I think on Roanoke Island, near the Lost Colony (the Lost Colony is something I have always found fascinating--something I wouldn't miss). Also a small but nice aquarium somewhere in the vicinity.


We used to stay in Corolla Light, and it is nice to rent bikes there--there is an estuary there, and nice paths, still have wild horses there.


Plus, plenty of beach activities.


We went there 7 or 8 times--it is such a great vacation. The lighthouses are wonderful--we went (xh and I, and his fam), and they wanted to go in something while I sat outside--welcome relief, several years ago. And Jack Lemmon came and sat next to me--I'd forgotten all about that! He just came and talked to me for a long time--such a nice man :).


Anyway, you will totally love it--Duck is a cute "village" to explore, tiny, but cute, and the shops are nice--you have to look at all the shells in the shops there.


This is about all we ever did. Xh did the water hang gliding thing and loved it--if men do it, warn them not to shift in the seat thing in the air at all ;).

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Did you know that you can take hang gliding lessons at Jockey's Ridge? Our girls did. There is an aquarium in Manteo that is very nice. You can always go fishing off a pier. We don't eat out much when we go. Get some fresh fish and have a fish fry. We love it out there and go every year at the end of Sep[tember, early October and we stay in Kitty Hawk.


Check out Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge. The used to have red wolves out there, I think they still do. Our daughter was a summer intern there and was responsible for the red wolf packs. Quite a story!


Have a great time!

Susie in SWVA


PS They have summer concerts in Manteo. Outside and free.

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