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if you are paleo or gluten free, what do you eat after a stomach virus?


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My 3 year old had a BAD, 3 day stomach bug. I seem to have caught it, but it has thankfully been more minor thus far. (no vomiting, just the other end if you know what I mean, and naseua). I'm nursing, and eventually want to eat something to keep up my strength...I'm feeling pretty weak right now. I've given in and am drinking diluted gatorade for the electrolytes, but not sure what else I can eat as this passes? My daughter has been munching on saltines and then some plain noodles. I don't want wheat. I don't want grains, I don't want to start all over getting off the bandwagon. I dislike rice. So...I'm thinking some mashed potatoes? Too tired to cook, so I'm thinking some instant ones would taste good and be bland?


Anyone btdt?

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I did a green juice --- not very low carb, but when I am mending, I don't care.


2 green apples,

4 celery stalks

1/2 cucumber

1 inch of ginger (great for the upset tummy)

handful of kale

1/2 lemon or lime



If you don't have a juicer, this is moot, but I swear I was gonna die after 4 days of just milk, then my neighbor bought me the veggies and I made this and life was soooo much better.

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Coconut water is a great source of electrolytes. Poached and soft boiled eggs are a historical convalescent food, and that avoids all the greasy frying. I agree with the previous posters about applesauce and broth. Bananas.


Instant potatoes often have some really crappy ingredients. I know you can microwave a sweet potato very easily. Maybe you can do the same with a regular potato, too.


I wish I could offer BTDT experience, but I haven't had a stomach bug of any severity since starting paleo, despite being exposed many times and not being particularly sick for the past year (actually, no, I'm glad I can't offer BTDT advice :)).

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Microwave a regular potato, skin it - mash with a touch of butter and milk/cream (our daughter needs to gain weight), a small bit of salt. I usually add more milk/cream and make it into a small version of potato soup. I add a bit of chicken broth for flavor and sometimes melt cheese in it.


I make 'dessert' with mashed sweet potato and some type of sweetener.





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