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Teens...Has there been a study into why they think we are so dumb?


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There has got to be some reason as to this! :glare:


So JGirl (my student) had to write a paper on something about the French Revolution. Any particular subject or person, their choice. Itt was to be written as a fictional type story, using facts that she researched, but was not to be written as a factual paper. This could have been quite creative. She had a week and a weekend, plus an extra day since she was absent. I had been reminding her each day for the various steps that she needed to have completed in order to get it in on time. The paper she turned in was completely not in line with the assignment and definitely plagarized.


She then missed school for another week due to being sick, so I had a while to think about how to approach it.


Today she was asked to define about 10 words that I took from the paper. She did not realize that is where I got them from. She was instructed that she could not use the dictionary first. I explained that I needed to see how many words she knew before she needed the dictionary. She could only correctly define two and I could see that she was a little flustered by the odd assignment before her.


I asked if she was finished yet and she looked up and replied yes. As she looked at me I simply explained that I was surprised that she did not know the rest of the words. That they came from the nicely written Revolutionary War paper that she turned it. But that there was a problem with it in that I knew she didn't write it, yes she typed it, but someone else wrote it and that it wasn't in line with the assignment anyways. She realized then that whoops...that didn't work. So she will have to rewrite the paper in her own words according to the assignment and know understands that plagarizing is not acceptable (along with the small paper due this week as well-I'm giving her no break on this). So now her grade for that paper is a recorded F and she will still rewrite the paper and I will give partial credit if done properly.


Teens make me scratch my head...tis ok though. I can almost guarantee that she won't pull that with me again.


I will say she's a good sport about it...she realizes what she did was wrong. This is important for her. No one has held her accountable for much of anything in life or school. She has learned a few tough lessons since being with me. And I can see already how it's changing her in small ways. She's still going to test me, but I'll push right back...I want her to succeed.

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good for you for walking her though it. My high schoolers take a few classes with a homeschool program run by a Christian University, they have always had a no-plagiarize rule you have to sign and it was common knowledge that the teachers will run essays through google if they question it. Well, this week we had to upload my junior's research paper through the university's plagiarize-checker...which was a new thing for us.


it's good they are learning this now, before they get to university.

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Science support the stupidity. Hormones + a brain that is not fully developed! ;)


I am glad she is being made to suffer the consequence of her actions. Sounds like this may be the first time she has had to work hard.


Good to know, lol. I knew there was one lol.


Yes, this child has ZERO accountability. When I spoke of the plagarized paper with her divorced parents (that's a whole other thread itself), the father just laughed and shook his head saying, 'oh ______, that girl' and the mother just gave her a 'seriously' look and then made some remark that she'd saw her working and thought she was done rather quickly and when she glanced over it she thought it looked pretty good'. Seriously lady?! These parents are a piece of work...


The mother even told the father that she wanted to pull her from here. She doesnt like a few things with me. Like I told the dad it's my school, my rules and they are certainly welcome to find someone else who is doing what I'm doing with their daughter for the amount I'm charging them. I'm essentially a private tutor and trust me, they aren't paying me like one....it's for the child though. I hope to help her, but I'm not holding my breath. She's good here because I let nothing slide. Nothing. She knows I'll say, "You can do it two ways: the hard way or the easy way. It's your decision". I made that 'hard way' extremely hard the first few times she decided to test me...yesterday was just another test and she hopefully learns something from it. But they know if they pull her, I'm done. I won't take her back.


This child is smart. But her parents are nieve and not so smart to her game...it's sad really because she has such potential if driven in the right direction.

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I believe it's egocentricity. They are so wrapped up in their own world that they simply don't consider other points of view.


It's something...this one child just seems lost in the shuffle of the others they have younger and older. It's just and odd situation and I can only help the daughter while here. Hopefully she learns something about her education being for her benefit. We'll see.

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