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I am wild with excitement!! Have you ever heard of Smith Wigglesworth? (cc)

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I know many of you have!:)


Many people may not know that Smith had a young "armor bearer" named Arthur Burt who traveled with him. Arthur is now 96 years old, and living in Wales. Historically, he's had a relationship with our church, but he's not been near enough to us to drop in for several years.


Uncle Arthur, as we call him, is coming back to the states to travel and minister starting next week. He will be several places along the east coast, but I don't know where else. I feel like it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear him speak if you've never done so, and I wanted to share that with any of you who may be interested.


I don't have a website that lists his itinerary, but you may be able to google for one.


He'll be in my church on Sat Aug. 9th at 7 pm, and Sunday morning Aug 10th at 10:30 am. I can give more info if anyone needs it.


Some of the other details are sketchy to me at this time, but we hear that we may be hosting Uncle Arthur in our home. What would YOU feed a well-renowned world traveler from Wales???:svengo:



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Wow, that sounds exciting! I have never heard of Smith Wigglesworth or his sidekick, but I think it's neat nonetheless!


Has this person been to the US before? Have you looked up Welsh recipes? Do they like teas and scones or heavier foods? This is good research/history/Geography work!!! :D

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But I personally haven't seen him in 20 years, and never in my wildest dreams ever expected to have him in my home. This is more important to me than, say, having The President!:)


What we've been told is that he likes "lighter fare" whatever that means! He likes some salads, potatoes, omelettes, and that he loves fish. He apparently hates eating out.


Generally we don't eat any animal products,:ack2: so this is kind of a challenge. I will do whatever makes him comfortable regardless of my own preferences.




Completely off topic, I've been meaning to mention to you, Brindee, that my family feels like you and I are twins. Maybe not in my current profile picture, but way back before I hi-lighted my hair and gained weight (ugh!) we bore a striking resemblance. I'll have to dig out one of those photos and scan it for a hoot! When I look at your avatar, it's like looking at myself, no kidding!


Warm regards,



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How totally exciting! I hope he comes to a church near enough to where we live. I'll do almost anything to go! I long to see the kind of Holy Ghost power active today that was so much a part of Smith Wigglesworth's ministry.

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