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MFW student worksheets


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The MFW office has told me the student samples for the programs will be on website soon. In a nutshell here is a word based description.... copying parts of this from their FAQ well.. I hope this works.. then I'll post more on the other questions.


What are Student Sheets?

Student Sheets are convenient consumable pages designed to make life easier for Mom! Create lasting notebooks for each child as you complete activities scheduled in the Teacher's Manual. Student Sheets include history or geography notebook pages, map work, hands-on projects, science activities, writing projects, games, and timeline figures. One set of Student Sheets is included in a Deluxe or Basic Package. Purchase additional sets so that all your 2nd - 8th graders have their own. (Student Sheets include cardstock, color printing, and colored paper and may not be photocopied.) We recommend purchasing Student Sheets for ages 3 to 1st grade as well - building unity in the family as younger children participate in games, activities, and projects with big brothers and sisters.



Basically, it depends on the year that you are looking at in terms of details. Which year? then maybe that can help a bit to see the unseen.


There are "customer" FB pages, (I think one of the big ones is run by several staff on non company time.)

and the mfw message board. http://board.mfwbooks.com/


deluxe package that we didn't use..... . which year again? I know I used most of everything, except didn't like the World Book on computer. Used it, but didn't like it that much. used read alouds.. other stuff.

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I've used EX1850 twice. The only deluxe item in EX1850 that I didn't like/use was the soda bottle bird feeder. first time the birds didn't seem to like it.. took it down. put up a regular bird feeder. birds were happy. mileage will vary on that. the project is fun. I was glad we got an inexpensive replacement though.


student sheets in EX1850:

will include the state sheets and cards for that

notebooking pages for presidents study that starts, (yes it is much easier to have one set of president card for each student in grades 2-8 with that and maybe one extra for fun)

uh.. I could flip through and look and type fast and let others talk..


notebooking sheets for other things in history

some pages for stuff like Dec of Indepn. and Constitution.


and timeline pieces. I see a few sheets related to one or two things for one of the science weeks... most of the science sheets however are in the science books themselves or you make on your own with regular paper.


I'm sure I left something out.

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