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I need lunch ideas....


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I can never think of good lunch ideas. No one in our family likes sandwiches (except me!), but I can't figure out what else would be easy and quick and healthy. Ideas?


PS - I don't like to cook in general, and by DH's request our suppers are very healthy and really not to my liking (not much to DS and DD's either, although they do okay.... but anyway, I mention it, because leftovers are not much of an option either - because we don't WANT more of what we had at supper, because it wasn't that good the first time around, LOL)

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I struggle with this too. Dh is super-healthy here too.


Yogurt (maybe with a little granola on top)

Scrambled eggs are fast

Hard-boiled eggs made in advance are quick

Cheese and crackers (or homemade bread and crackers)

Cereal and milk

Oatmeal with unsweetened strawberries

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Lunch around here can be any number of things (although leftovers would top the chart)

My kids have made themselves:

Eggs (fried or hard boiled)

Yogurt w/granola



Sandwiches (or in my anti-bread daughters world-meat, cheese, and lettuce roll up)



Fried Rice

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Soup is really good

French bread pizza (or pita pizza/english muffin pizza)

Homemade lunchables (crackers, cheese, meat - pizza version with mozzarella & pepperoni, etc.)

Tacos are pretty easy if you have any leftover meet from dinner that can be reused in them, or just beans

Salads (tons of options there of course!)

Pasta Salads


Mac & Cheese with peas/protein


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