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Quran Memorization: Muslim Homeschoolers -- Please Chime In

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If you study Quran as a part of your homeschool, what do you use, how do you do it, how do you organize your studies?


I was born and raised Muslim by Converts and am extremely familiar with the Quran, I read from the English translation on the daily and have done so for years. I am very familiar with the English meaning and can often complete verses that I hear being read. I have always struggled with memorizing it in Arabic and almost just as badly with the retention of the Arabic recitation. Though that last part comes from some pretty bad teaching from my childhood. Me and my parents both approached Quran memorization with the wrong attitude and from the wrong angle. I have learned and forgotten how to read Arabic about 4 times. I guess the truth is that I never really mastered the skill and the moment I cease to practice it/do it my abilities begin to decay until it is virtually non-existent. I can still speak and understand some basic MSA from the mix n match classes that I've taken over the years, but I'm just plain illiterate in Arabic...



I would like some help from those who are or were in the same boat as me. I did some revision over the Spring Break and have realized that many of my surahs are broken...I get to Ayah 12 and blank...or I skip from Ayah 8 to 13 and don't realize it unless I have a copy of the transliteration on hand.


I need held developing a plan of action to help me tackle memorization and studies


I want to accomplish 2 things: Learn to read Arabic properly and fluently and memorize Quran.

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Well, speaking for myself, I have always done best with memorization when I was part of a study group -- either online or irl. And my kids seem to be the same. This was one course that just never seemed to work homeschooled with them, I don't know why. It takes a commitment -- like anything else -- and imo daily effort. So I think the best approach is to try and establish a habit where you work on it every day at whatever time for however long, kwim? If you are someone able to self-motivate that's great, otherwise you may need to try and find a group.


My boys attend a tahfeedh class; the teacher first makes sure you can read Arabic fluently (with or without understanding), then starts memorization. It meets four nights a week for abt 2 hours, and my oldest attends an additional session on a different day that focuses on tajweed rules. There are a number of Muslim homeschoolers in my area, and I would say a majority have their kids in some kind of outside formal class or program.


When I first became Muslim I was really focused and wasn't married then and didn't have kids, so it was easier for me to dedicate time. But these days...I was part of a memorization class here at the beginning of the school year, I couldn't continue it after the winter break because of time constraints -- but unfortunately I haven't made much progress since then beyond where we left off. I've been thinking I should call the instructor and see if I could meet with her individually at a time that would work better for me.


Another benefit of finding a mentor is to have someone listen to you and correct any mistakes you may be making. I pretty much taught myself to read Qur'an (my Arabic studies in univ were secular), learning Arabic of course helped but proper pronunciation and all I tried to learn from listening to various reciters. Well when I got into this class last fall I discovered that there were some things I had been mispronouncing all these years. You can do a lot on your own, but at some point it would be a good idea to find someone qualified who can listen to you and offer suggestions for improvement.


Have you looked at all into online groups that would be a way of support? Or do you have anyone in your area who could be a kind of partner?

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I am fortunate that DH can teach this m'shallah. But if not, this is a lesson that needs to be outsourced. There are so many rules to learn and different readings. Just learning to read basic Arabic will not cover all those rules.

To truly learn, I suggest that you stop with the english transliterations. I did not truly understand the pronunciations until I relied fully on the Arabic.

Also I would caution against reading so-called english translations, as almost every one I have seen (from multiple sources) had mistakes in the meaning. For example they would translate literally when the scholars agreed a certain ayah had a "hidden" meaning. Or the opposite, a "clear" ayah would be interpereted to match the translator's opinion on a certain judgement.

If you want to pm me your city/location, I can try to hook you up with a teacher who is knowledgble about the Quran. I know teachers in many of the states and several countries overseas, and none of them charge $.


PS I am on my nook, so plz overlook typos/spelling ;)

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Learn with a mentor, preferably locally (so you can see her mouth when she's pronouncing the letter). Start with a primer and then proceed to juz amma. Listen to Mishary - he has clear voice and his recitation is beautiful.

The best place to find a mentor is a masjid with an ongoing full time hifz program. Usually it only has a handful of girls. Go beg the female teacher to teach you in the morning with the girls.


PM me your location. I may be able to help.

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Forgot to add: Right now for us, we simply start each day with reciting Al-Fatiah, An-Nas, Al-Falaq, and Al-Ikhlas 3 x each. DH works with them on weekends (since he gets home late).


Arabic, I am doing my own thing with dictation, copywork and spelling ala AAS. I am working on a letter of the week program for my tots and will hopefully start a blog soon to post those for anyone interested. (If anyone wants pm me your email and I'll send what I have so far LOL).

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