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Logic choices

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I know this has been discussed many times, but I am terrible at searching the boards. If someone can point me to a thread where this has been answered - that would be fine!


Comments on Introductory Logic (Nance/Wilson) vs. Traditional Logic (Cothran) or some other choice of which I am unaware.


Or should I just stick to Fallacy Detective and Thinking toolbox? Could both my 5th and 8th grader do FD and TT? then next year (09-10) 9th grader could do a more formal logic course


my homeschool world is spinning/reeling right now - lost both of my jobs, may not be at my co-op next year, lots of possibilities, and some stress.


kate in seattle

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I love the old board. And I still like to go back there and dig for information. We used Intro to Logic by Nance and Wilson last year. No complaints; I thought it was great. But I've not compared it to Traditional Logic as this was available via our co-op.


Here are links to two previous discussions.






Kate, I'm sorry you are going through so many changes. I pray that things will settle out for you and your family. I've always enjoyed your contributions to the board.




ETA: Regarding FD and TT, many of the fallacies in FD will be taught again in Intro to Logic. I would definitely start the 5th grader with TT followed by FD, but it's your choice for the 8th grader. S/he is probably ready for Intro to Logic, but I know it can be easier to keep our dc together for our sake!

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Sorry for your troubles. Yes, I think you can use FD and TT with both together, as a more informal introduction to logic. I'm planning on using those before doing formal logic with my son, too. I found the Nance text simpler for younger students than the Cothran text, so I think high school is a better time to approach Cothran.

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One possibility is postponing any logic until next year. In a tough year, I would focus on math and writing; if anything else got done it would be a bonus. Knowing it's ok to "keep it simple" this year may reduce your stress.


By the way, a course or exposure to informal fallacies is not a prerequisite for a formal logic course, according to Cothran.

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