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banging head....15 yo drama


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Having 2 dd's (now 22 & 23) I can only tell you that it *will* eventually end and that you *will* survive. :hurray:


I cannot tell you when it will end since there is still occasional drama between my girls, but now I can just say 'work it out'. :D


I cannot promise that there won't be days that you don't feel like you will survive :banghead: , but you will.



Deep breaths and one day at a time.....



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I'm sorry. I feel so lucky that DD isn't a dramatic teen. We kid that it is because one of her epilepsy meds is also used for bipolar disorder. LOL



Sorry that doesn't work here...........my biggest drama queen is on a seizure med also used for bipolar and an AP and we still have drama.............

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