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Lint as filter

Pod's mum

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This is such a teenage dd or ds story but is from an adult.

I used a clothes drier at a male friend's house. Usually Aussies line dry.

Afterwards I went to clean the lint filter and found 1/2" of lint in it so I called him in and told him he needs to clean it out as it's a fire hazard.

He assured me he regularly does, then got distressed that I was going to throw away the lint, as he believes it IS the filter. He carefully removes the loose bits of lint around the edge and returns the mat of navy lint against the mesh.


Nothing I could say would convince him, so I stopped rolling on the floor laughing and took it away so he wouldn't put it back.

Anyway, just had to share.

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That's scary! Maybe you need to have him google lint and dryer fires?


He is not on-line and I can't get a signal where he lives.

But that's a good idea. I'll download, print and show him next time I'm up there.


ETA: I can find lots of articles about cleaning lint filters, but he knows that. There are not any pictures saying "this is lint, not part of the filter"..I'll have to hope that he checks with someone else or just accepts what I told him. (Or I can sneak in and steal his 'filter' each time it builds up.)

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I hope he ends up believing you. A family in our neighborhood lost their house due to a dryer fire a few years ago. I had always cleaned out the lint trap in ours, but I started cleaning out hoses and down under the trap regularly after that. I also won't run the dryer unless I'm home and awake now.

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