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SOTW and Hideaways in History?


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Is it crazy to buy hideaways in history and try to correlate it to SOTW? This is what I am thinking.... I will use SOTW as the main program, we'll go along doing that and as we come to topics that are part of the hideaways curriculum, we add that in. I think that since HiH covers all of history in one year, it will be spread out over all four years of SOTW, making it not too crazy to attempt?!?


I looked at this last year for dh's k year (which we are in the middle of right now) and I really wanted it, but we had moved and were living in a apartment and we just didn't have space for big projects. Now we're in a much bigger house with lots of room to do whatever we want. Ds loves projects. LOVES them. And it fits into my vision of what I want our homeschool to be, doing fun, exciting stuff together.


I have never actually seen the program, though, and since it is so expensive, I want to make sure I'm not being unrealistic.


Any advice? Thanks.

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Hideaways in History used to use SOTW as it's spine so it's probably possible with the new program to still match things up. If you could find an older version of HIH you would already have all the work done for you. But if I remember correctly, there were some days that you read more than one chapter of SOTW per day. At the time, a lot of moms were spreading this out over 2 or more years since there was so much reading.

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