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What color are your gutters?

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Do your gutters match the main color of your house or the trim color?


The painters are prepping our house this week. We're keeping the same colors, just going to a darker shade of grayish-blue for the main color. The trim colors will be a dark reddish-brown and off-white. So today...the painters have suggested that we paint the gutters red to match the trim instead of blue to match the main house color as they are now. Our house is a two story Victorian style with a turret so there are some long stretches of gutters and quite a few places with vertical lines where they connect with different levels.


My dh says he's "indifferent", but I really don't think I want to accentuate the gutters...especially with red! What do you think? :confused:



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Ours are the same nauseating oatmeal color as the rest of the exterior of the house. The prior owners decided to paint the soffit, fascia, trim, gutters, and front door the same bland, washed out tan.


Oh well, we still bought the house.


Gutters should blend, IMHO, unless you want to make a statement with them.


Are they, perhaps, looking to expand the work from the original bid in order to extract more money from the job?

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My gutters are white. And my dh just washed them yesterday, so they look nice....for now.


I don't know if they stand out or blend in because my house is composed of the most bizarrely colored concrete bricks. I call my house easter egg colored, as the bricks are pale yellow, pink, tan, blue and green. I bought the house with the understanding that we'd be painting over the brick straightaway.


6 years later...


When it's sunny and all the flowers are in bloom, it doesn't look too bad, but I'm still not a big fan of the multicolored exterior.

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