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Midwest Homeschool Convention WTM meetup April 5, 2013

gardening momma

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Edit to my original post, as the meetup has been changed from Rock Bottom at 11:30 am to Room 250 at the convention center at 5:30-6:30 pm Friday--already we have a much larger group committing to the meetup at the 5:30 time than the 11:30--the more the merrier!




If you're going to the Midwest Homeschool Convention, we'd love to meet you for lunch supper on Friday, April 5, 2013 at 11:30 am 5:30-6:30 pm at the Rock Bottom Brewery Room 250 at the convention center. Elizabeth started the planning and asked me to take over the coordinating of the get together. And Elizabeth was able to snag us the room at the convention center! I think it's much more convenient for most of us.


We have a discussion group on facebook, which you're invited to, but I thought I'd post here also, to catch anyone not on facebook or who isn't aware of that group.


Here's Elizabeth's info on the meetup:


Ok friends, I'm back with info! I finally called today and made a reservation. I wrote the convention people a week ago through their website and haven't heard back. Rather than dawdling on that, I wanted to go ahead and get something we could PLAN on and know works. So here goes!


What I got is room for 30 people at the Rock Bottom Brewery for *lunch* on Friday, 4/5/13, at 11:30 am-1pm. I know that might not be the dream spot for some people if they wanted to attend a session then. Thing is, the lady said we'll get *much* faster service if we come in at 11:30 than if we come in at 1 pm. She strongly recommended coming earlier. We can change it if we need to based on concensus, but that's just what I'm being told.


I asked about gluten free, and she said they have a *few* options and that patrons could talk with the chef, that the chef's dh is gluten-free himself.


So hopefully that works for people. I know 11:30 might feel a fuzz early. She said though that would be better even than coming in at 12, that things would pick up and get really busy. We'll be in a semi-private room that holds 55-60, and she said there would probably be one other party in there. She said they'll be able to arrange the tables to put us together in one long table, cool.


For the people who really want dessert or dinner together later, we can arrange that as a separate thing. Here we're just trying to have a chance for everyone to come. The schedule may (and probably will!) change, so we're not going to be able to win on missing sessions. So what do you think? Like this?


I gave her the tentative number 30. I need a count to see if that's on track. You can bring your close friends, kids, whatever. I just need a count to see if 30 is adequate or if we're going higher than that. So if you're thinking yes and like this, can you reply here and give your count? Thanks! :)

From those who have replied on facebook, so far we have around 7-8 planning to come. If you'd like to join us, let me know.


Here is their menu. Prices are reasonable.




You can bring your own food in from the exhibit hall or wherever, but we're also placing a group order from Chipotle. Two of us are going to pick it up and will bring it to the room. If you'd like to order Chipotle, pm me your email address. I'm sending out the group order invites tomorrow (Monday, April 1).


If I don't have your email before I send the invites out, I can't send any more, but I can enter your order manually into the group order. If you need me to place your order manually, go here to Chipotle's site, enter Cincinnati, OH for the location, choose the Fountain Square restaurant. Then you can look at the menu and make your choices. (For some dumb reason, since all Chipotle restaurants are closed for Easter, it won't let you even look at the online ordering menu today. You should be able to see it using the instructions above starting tomorrow, April 1.)


If you've given me your email address, you'll receive an email Monday (I will probably wait until later afternoon to give more people a chance to send their emails, if interested) from Chipotle that has a link that takes you to the group order so you can place your order.


There are bottled beverages available--water, juice and sparkling juice. Please don't order a fountain drink, as I don't think we'll be able to transport them without a mess. We have 13-14 planning to order Chipotle so far. There are others planning to bring their own food.

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