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First acceptance is in!!!

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So it's not a college acceptance - we're not there yet.

But DS (15yo) just got accepted to his first *national* Air Cadet aerospace camp!

24 cadets chosen throughout Canada are going to spend 6 weeks this summer at the Canadian National Space Agency, learning about Aerospace technology.

And he got accepted yesterday! (first round!)


We're celebrating!! :party:

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Congratulations! I know he is thrilled and you are bursting with pride!!



Pride? Not sure it's pride. Most likely it's relief!

In a sense this was the first test of the kind of education we are giving our kids. And not just academic education, but all aspects. This camp depended a lot on the write-up his officers would do about DS's character and potential. So it was stressful on mom too!

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That's wonderful, Cleo! Congratulations! It is such relief, isn't it, when things work out and it turns out that you didn't spoil all your child's chances by deciding not to send him to school. It sounds like a wonderful opportunity. I hope he has a fantastic time and it helps him decide what he wants to do and helps motivate him to work hard towards that goal. I agree with the yikes-ing about the wings. : )


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