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Looking for a simple language arts similar to Queen Homeschool


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ugg. typed this up and lost it, hope it doesn't post twice! anyway, i had planned to purchase Queen homeschool language arts, but was waiting to see if they came out with an ebook version to cut costs. Asher, my 3yo with autism, whom we'd planned to not be home, he was in school but it went HORRIBLY, so he's now home with us, requires a LOT of care and i need to minimize my hands on school time for me, so i also really need something simple not elaborate. Anyway, i noticed that Queen came out with their language arts on ebook and i was SO excited! i posted to their facebook wall about it and Mrs. Queen mentioned that her copywrite was for ONE student per ebook :-/ so obviously we won't be buying them, i could hardly imagine the fortune it would cost to print them with all the art prints and stuff, and honestly, i'm most likely going to be not buying their products at all- just on principal. There's plenty of homeschool companies that have generous policies toward famillies (particularly ebooks!!) so i'm wondering what else is available that is similar. any ideas?

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Ugh! I always thought Queen's products were overpriced anyway. That really doesn't seem fair.


I second PLL/ILL. Or how about LLATL?


If you really need something self-directed you might consider ACE PACES. I've read some good reviews of their English and Word Building (spelling) PACES.

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