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Allergies Suck. I need prayers & Advice, Guidance


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We just got the first half of my sons allergy results. A new bunch to add to our old list (updated March 2012). It has taken me two years to adapt a diet and source products he coudl eat and he is still developing a bunch more allergies. I want to cry, scream and shout... Also being in South Africa it does not help; limited amount of proucts are available and not a very good ingredient listings (I work in the food inustry and understand our regulations). I just cleaned a bunch of Organ products(pea flour) and Glutagon (Delta-Glucono-Lactatone) from our pantry... This stuff is so expensive...


Here comes the list new ones developed in a year on this batch of tests in bold: Peanuts (ANA), Tree Nuts, Sesame Seeds, Eggs, Pork, Any Process meats, Gelatin (Pork related), Rennet (Cow), Flaxseed, Oyesters, Mussels, Shrimps, all kinds of Shellfish, Mustard, Chilli, Cayenner Pepper, YEAST, Honey, Cocoa, Oats even GF Oats, Rye, Spelt, Gluten, Dairy, Soya, Olives, Kiwi, Leaks, Redcabbage. Recomended to avoid for next 12 months Cane Sugar... I just realized that if I have to avoid Cane Sugar all the expensive baking premixes need to go???


And this is only the first half of the tests...


At least he is not bed ridden and covered in bandages like he was for a year before we found out the last allergy list. He is starting to show signs of another relapse develping but we have a new list to work from. Maybe we can avoid a relapse and long recovery....


And this is only the food ones. I am too depressed to list the enviourmental ones and the cosmetic ones...


Just told my eleven year old we have to go back to the drawing board, diet wise...


At least he has a sense of humor. J said maybe we should just put him in a bubble so he does not get new allergies. Then, next time we meet the homeschool co-op, for our monthly school presentation, he can use the bubble and walk on water (we meet at our local public pool) and tell the kids about Jesus miracle (Jesus walked on water with no bubble).


OK... NOW I am just going to hide in the bathroom and have a good cry...

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Thanks. A rotation diet has been recommened but I will look at GAPS. He was bed ridden for almost a year before diagnosed. There is a suspect of Hyper IgE Sindrome but we are battling to get a diagnosis here. If so and untreated he will get new ones...

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Sounds like you can do beef, chicken, rice, beans, most veg and fruit.


FWIW, mixing your own spice blends will save you a lot of time. Sounds obvious, but it took me a bit to figure that tip out.


Some meal ideas:

*beef broth soup you make can be done in huge batches in frozen, or it makes a nice starter


*chinese stir fries--use corn starch as the thickener--beef & broccoli, sweet & sour using pineapple juice as the base, rice flour for tempura baking

*chicken curries that don't use chili or cayenne peppers

*most mexican dishes use rice and corn as their grain bases and use cumin heavily as a spice


Baking is going to be challenging. Can you order Bob's Red Mill products through amazon? Can you get a grain mill and mill your own flours like brown rice, tapioca, garbanzo/fava and sorghum? The sweetener: agave nectar, stevia, brown rice syrup, dates...those would all still work.


I'm developing more food allergies right now too...it's hard, scary, and expensive. Huge hugs!!!

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Thanks. Bob Mill is not safe because of peanuts... Organ and Glutagon were goo choices before but now it looks like I will have to start making my own flours... Also it is hard to get grains here...


I am battling to get HS in routines... I thought we had just found our grove.

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Sweets: Stevia and agave nectar; fructose/corn syrup?


Grains: wild rice, rice, amaranth, millet, quinoa


meats: mutton, beef, deer, goat, pheasant, chicken?, ostritch?


dairy alternative- I have been told that the "milk" least related to the cow is camel's milk which you might actually be able to get somewhere in Africa. Goat and sheep will be too related to cow for use probably. Hemp milk is a possibility.


This book was helpful:



Also, we used a hypoallergenic formula. For an older child (extreme but effective) you might have to use a g-tube or nic key (Sp?) to get enough calories in during day.

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No Goat or Sheep Cheese or Milk it was also on the list. I just thaugh dairy was easier to type. We have been having Rice and Coconut Milk but they advise not to eat any foods that have not been tested on the 100+ test. So that eliminates coconut milk and the organic rice milk got rapseed lecithin in it which might also be bad. We will probably ask doc to do the 270+ food allergy test.


They warn about similar ingreedients and developing cross allergies. We are in South Africa and I do not think camel milk is available here... Thanks

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Thanks... But at least all is 'unrelated' health issues are now starting fit in the puzzle. I guess also HS has prevented some other serious symptoms from developing. The problem is where to go, what to do, we should not develop 20 new ones in a year...

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I am consulting 4 two companies now and am having a hard time balancing work, hs 2 kids, keep this house as clean as hospital (not really but on the report they indicate that is extreme dust mite allergies might have cause the shellfish and pork new ones - he does not eat it because I try to avoid high allergies foods) which is not happening and know once again learning how to cook. And this means more specialize expensive hard to source ingredients... Going from shop to shop looking for stuff.


Do you want to know what he was upset. No more toast! Until mommy learns how to make some everything and Yeast free bread... After some extensive research, we had found some decent taste expensive local bread with the previous allergies (the same company doctor told me last week) and know that is out.


Also lots of the pre-prepared stuff eggs are replace with linseed or flax seeds. None of those here...

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Many, many hugs. I would be in a ball crying I think.


My son did do a rotation diet for a while because a doctor thought it might help prevent new allergies. I will say that another entirely disagreed with the whole premise. We tried it anyway. It can be hard when you're already limited. Oh, how I feel for you (and him)!

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i agree with the person on the other post - start with a list of what you CAN eat. when i started on my allergy trip i only had 20 safe foods and i was able to focus on creating variety with them. for bread maybe you can do a mostly-corn-starch biscuit? idk. so glad your son has a good attitude about it! have they considered antifungals to try to heal the 'leaky gut'? i didnt believe in that at first but taking anti-fungals improved my stomach a lot - i reacted to yeast on the test too . . . uggg. it sucks! you'll find a way!

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Thanks will look into anti fungals...







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Posted Today, 03:13 AM


He is my special child. I know it looks odd but it is probably caused by sometypeof auto immune syndrome.


Just think his best protection would be bubble boy.


His enviourmental IgE counts for the few that can be tested here are even higher than his food ones.


The lab also indicated that there is a high risk for developing cross allergies so why we need to test further.


I do not think he has ever eaten red cabbage but has got both IgG4 n IgE antibobies for it and is alergic to it.


For instance they advise no foods not on tested list so avos are out n so is carob. Also dairy in his case is all animal milks (lactose and casein and goat and sheep as well already confirmed). He was probably alergic to my breast milk (so much for trying to prevent allergies) and all my effort for extending breast feeding and pumping whilst on a very limited diet feels in vain.


But God is good we have avoided lots of the complication because of our intuitive choices.


I had to edit. Felt too much info on.


Thanks for all the encouragement

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He has a good sense of humor and always tries to turn it into something funny. He thinks those bubbles that allow to walk on water are so cool. The thing he is upset the most about is toast.


But I guess this has always been is normal. He has had to give up so much, food and lifestyle and after being bedridden, covered in banages from head to toe (he called himself the resident mummy), not being able to write, walk in constant pain for a year an having doctor after doctor turning us away unable to help giving up foods seems easy.


The few times he could walk he woul insist on acting normal and going out to b with other kis even though he had bandages uner his clothes.


He has had to give up things all the time so this is his normal. He is a brave little boy

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I think you raise a good point about maybe needing to see an immunologist. My rheumatologist does some

Immunology and has been more helpful than my allergist in some regards.


Beware the coconut milk, especially if they are already advising you to avoid avocado.


And, fwiw, getting a mickey button And running some hypoallergenic formula through at night might not be a bad idea if he struggles to get calories and nutrients at some point in the future.

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