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X-post WWYD re: History

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I'm planning for next year. I'll have one DS in 3rd grade and one in 1st. This year we have done MFW K and MFW Adventures. However, I'm not sure I want to go with another MFW for next year.


The year before last, we did SOTW1. We got a little over 1/2 through it as the boys weren't quite ready for it, and we concentrated on the 3 R's. I think they retained very little.


Sooooo, for next year, if you were me, would you:


1) start over with SOTW1.

2) pick up where we left off with SOTW1.

3) go to SOTW2.

4) or do something completely different?



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We've been doing SOTW 1 this year, and are about halfway through right now. Egypt has been sooo much fun for my kids. There are also a million additional things you can buy to make it interactive (Egyptian playmobil has been our biggest hit, but those cheap dover books have been fun too). My kids have LOVED using the lapbook stuff (free online).


I'd suggest starting over, purely because it is great stuff and easy to make fun in the first half of SOTW 1. If you'd rather just pick up where you left off, you could also just listen to the audio of the first half as you drive around in the car this summer, and the kids would have the story in their heads and have a place for the story to start that makes sense.


But really, I think any of your above options would be just fine.

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We are Ina similar boat. I tried to start SOTW with my son who is in K the beginning of this school year and a couple months n I realized he was totally not ready for it. So I put it aside and we are going to do it next year for 1st. I am planning to start from the beginning again. I doubt he remembers much and even if he does a little review never hurt anyone.

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