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Please help me stop my head from spinning!!! Science!!!!

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So my original pan was to combine my 5th grader and 8th grader and do a really great, fun year of Physical science together. Main spines were CK-12 Physical Science Text and RS4K. Then several supplemental books, kits and labs. So why am I waffeling now???? I was looking at the DIVE science, which has been my plan for HS, and I see that in 9th they do ICP. If 8th grader does our original plan this year would she do ICP in 9th as well? Wont it be overlap or no?


I dont want to put her in ICP this year for a couple of reasons. Math is #1, she is only about half way through Lial's Pre-Algebra and wont finish until middle of 8th grade. She will also start Latin next year (yes, I know I should not have waited so long,lol) so I dont want to weigh her down in all subjects. I also need to be able to combine them as I also work from home on average about 20-20 hour a week. So, trying to teach them separate on everything never gets done. Dd12 really prefers to interact rather than do on her own so we share Bible, History and Science.


So can you please give me your opinions!!!??? Good or bad..lol Suggestions, anything at this point! I have money saved to spend on several different kits but want to make sure before I start spending money.

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IMO, your current plan is the better course. I think your child will do much better to have solidly finished pre-algebra before tackling ICP (I know they say "concurrently", but its a stretch).


I think because of all the Chemistry in ICP, it would be a nice follow on to what you are doing. If some of ICP is review, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

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