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American Gothic


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As a child, when I saw this painting, I always thought it was a man and his wife. Someone has it as their avatar here on WTM. Someone else who should know thought the same thing as well, that it was a man and his wife.

It is a representative of a man and his daughter, but is actually the artist's (Grant Wood) dentist and sister. I guess I believe a lot of things that I read on the internet and that is one of those things.

ETA: It was a commercial on TV that "they" thought it was a man and his wife, and I thought it bad of them to not know this classic information on this classic painting.

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Huh. I thought it was a married couple also. I know some art history. Not that, I guess. I would be able to tell you the painting's name and its artist. I think that's pretty good.


I was surprised a few months ago to run into another homeschooling family who didn't know who Andy Warhol was. (There's an exhibit in town right now.) The family had older children, so the mom was my age or older. I remember when Warhol died. I guess I assumed that was part of popular culture that most people would know.


I will never look at American Gothic the same again. Huh. Now you've got me thinking what else I don't know. LOL

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