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Materials that could qualify as "teacher training" or "education"


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This may be somewhat a goofy question, but our family just moved for my husband's job and the relocation package included funds for job training or education for the spouse in the new area. My husband told them that I didn't have an external job per se, but that I homeschool and would teacher training and education material count for reimbursement and they said yeah, sure, why not. Heh.


So, I've been trying to figure out if there's anything that's been on my wish list that might qualify as teacher training. IEW TWSS seemed like it would be a pretty obvious choice. And I could perhaps even get some Great Courses dvds in subjects I'll be teaching.


Honestly, it's a fantastic opportunity, but at the moment I'm at a bit of a loss at what would qualify for the spirit of the intention of dispersement. (Though they didn't seem overly concerned about that on their end, so who knows.)


Any thoughts?

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I would LOVE to attend one of the summer training institutes for Singapore Math that Worcester State University runs. There are also online webinars here.



Ooh, I went to the MSMI Saturdays when we lived in MN and they were very eye-opening. Turns out I was teaching Singapore all wrong. (Though, after talking to so many folks, it turns out that I surely have not been the only one.)

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Spalding actually has teacher training courses for WRTR.


Professor B math is very teacher intensive.


Waldorf is also very teacher intensive. There are teacher training DVDs and books.


The Principle Approach is very teacher intensive and there are teacher training resources.


TWTM had teacher training resources. :001_smile:

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