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Middle school plan

Guest sprout18

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Guest sprout18

My oldest is hitting middle school next year so I was trying to plan it out. Here is what I've come up with so far.


6th grade

LA - Winter Promise 6th

Math - Math Mammoth 6th

History - Winter Promise Quest for the Ancient World

Science - Apologia General Science


7th grade

LA - Winter Promise 7th

Math - Algebra I (regular textbook)

History - Winter Promise Quest for Middle Ages

Science - Apologia Physical Science


8th grade

LA - Winter Promise 8th

Math - Geometry (regular textbook)

History - Winter Promise Early American History (Or Notgrass)

Science - Apologia Biology


What do you think? We will also do electives but i wanted to figure out the basics first. He is very strong in math and science and those are my strengths as well so I don't think I will have a problem teaching those. I also plan to use the online classes at virtual homeschool group for the apologia science classes. Does that seem like a good flow for this age? I also have two 4th graders (next year) and a K so they will be following along with the history but at a lower level. Any advice?

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You might want to beef up Math Mammoth 6 with some additional pre-algebra topics. I can't find it right now, but there was a specific post on what topics to add to make it more "pre-algebra"ish. There have been several threads recently on this topic. If I find them, I'll come back & link them.


Here's one called, "What do do...Math Mammoth 6" -- check out Rose's plan in the second post for a sample. (She has a pretty detailed plan, but you don't have to throw that much in there.)


I know absolutely nothing about Winter Promise (and am not overly fond of Apologia), so I can't speak to those. (Plus the fact that my oldest is only in 6th. :tongue_smilie: I'm no expert.)

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I don't use it myself, but I thought most people followed up Math Mammoth 6 with prealgebra or Math Mammoth 7?



MM ends with 6. I have read before that MM 6 does a good job of preparing for algebra, though the author does recommend pre-alg. I may opt to go from MM 5 right into pre-alg with my oldest, but I'm not sure yet.

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I would also wonder about a solid pre-algebra -- here are some recs from MM.




You have a lot of WP -- have you used it before? any chance you might not like it? With your age range, might you want to look at TOG? (Not a program I have used, but so many people here like the way it works for different ages....) My other concern would be a general one about all-in-one LA programs -- kids can be more or less advanced than the program, or advanced in some areas, struggling in others. Not sure if this would apply to your ds if you have used these before -- it's more a general comment.

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