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Pen Pals for DS6 and DD4

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My son just turned 6 and will be entering first grade in the Fall. He loves Legos, sports, superheroes, and has an affinity for electronics and tech. To encourage him that writing is fun, I would love to have a snail mail pen pal for him.


My 4yo daughter will be 5 this summer, starting a light K5 program in the Fall. She can't write yet, but loves to draw and color. If anyone has another little girl who would be willing to mail little pieces of art back and forth with small dictated and written by mommy notes, that would be fabulous!

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Dear Jamie,


I have 2 sons (1 st grader going into 2nd in the fall and the other is a 3rd grader but significantly behind in reading/writing... well pretty much everything involving communication... due to having autism) whom I'd love to hook up with snail mail penpals for the very same reasons. I have fond memories of penpals from my school days, in Jr. high I had a penpal from Denmark. Both my boys love legos and the younger one loves superheros too (older one likes ninjas, Star Wars). Both enjoy sports, 4-H and Cubscouting activities like fishing and camping. We are a farm family, so lots of fun stories here with dogs, bunny rabbits, chickens and ducks and the family garden.


Wish I could help you with your kindergartener needing a penpal, but alas my little girl is only 20 months old (but hmm... maybe our toddlers could mail their scribbles to each other? As young as she is, she loves to "do coloring" when her "brubas" have school-time and we have no neighbors our kids' ages (most of them... 2 miles away at that... have jr. high and high schoolers) and they are the only children in our tiny church, which is mostly elderly folks now other than our family.



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