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HOD anyone hold a kid back?

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I know I am pre-planning and plans may completely change, that being said, I like to have an idea of what I think I will do. :)

My oldest dd is 2 school years above my twins. She is pretty advanced in skill level as well. Then I have another little one who will be 3 school years younger.


I love HOD and if I stay on the natural schedule I will eventually be doing at least 3 guides (more if we have more kiddos). What I am considering is taking my oldest through Bigger, and then doing a different curriculum for two years to let the twins catch up and then put all 3 of them in Preparing together (the oldest with extensions). Or I could do it a year earlier and put them all in Bigger together. I don't know if it is worth it or not. It would mean my oldest would be 10.5 going into preparing and the twins 8. It would mean that the oldest would only get to Ref to Rev before High School though. However, it would mean that for a handful of years they got to school together. However, it is the handful of years that they are more independent... Oh, also my oldest probably would place into Bigger in the fall, although I will take her through Beyond first this upcoming year. Would Preparing be too easy for her at that point? ...She would probably be super simple to unschool in those two years, if I wanted, as she is a sponge and reads science/history/ANYTHING I give her and has a billion interests.


Thoughts? Anyone ever do this?

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I'd keep them where they place. HOD is designed to work soooooo much better when used that way. I'm spreading Bigger and Preparing out a bit, but it's because my ds needs a slightly slower pace and has other outside of the home activities.


eta: Also, by the time the 3 y/os are doing a more time consuming guide, the older will be dong a lot more independently.

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