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What would you do? (MFW)

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We are looking at finishing up ECC of MFW. We did Year 1 of TOG the year before this and that was ancient civilizations/Greeks/Romans, etc. The next MFW year is Creation to the Greeks, which is basically what we studied last year with TOG. We are all kind of tired of that topic and ready to move on. So, my question is, do you think it will mess them up too much (or me :laugh: ) if we skip Creation to the Greeks and move on to Rome to the Reformation?



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agreeing with the other Crystal.... it's ok to jump over a year....for the ages you will have..


review any notebooks or special memories from year 1 of TOG up until about time of Rome. anything in early part of RTR that is review will be easier on you probably because of new baby coming. The kids might enjoy some more dress up, and fun. You don't have to read every single word out loud from Augustus Caesar World. here is help for that



and it'll be fine. ((hugs))

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