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You Decide---Constitution from CTP???


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Has anyone used this book? Reviews?


My oldest ds is really getting interested in American History. And considering that history has been a drag for a very long time I'm super excited to see this interest.


He is fascinated with the Constitution and I have to admit I'm fine with dropping the rest of SOTW this year (or the whole history chronology if need be) and following him on his rabbit trail/interest because he has hated history for so long, and now he's talking to me and discussing big ideas. He doesn't want to know just the facts, (although he's been drawing pictures of guys like James Madison and Paul Revere like they're heroes) he has been asking about words like democracy and common defense and united and general welfare, wanting to know what they mean and if they're still important today and if other countries are like us. He knows the three parts of government and has been asking how it works. I'm going with it!!!! I'm thrilled he's interested!!! He just turned 10 in Jan and I feel like he's turning a corner and making some opinions for himself.


So I started digging around for some civics type materials. And found this. I'm mainly interested in how usable this is with one child and a parent? Amount of writing? Can I tweak it to fit a rising 5th grader?


Any other ideas for a kid suddenly very interested in these ideas? Something along the lines of "thinking about" rather than learning the basic historic facts?

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