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What will your kids grow up to be? Do they already know?

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My oldest has no idea what he wants to be when he grows up except that he wants to do something exciting...be a stunt double, law enforcement of some sort...have been thrown out there.


Middle ds wants to build guitars or be an engineer. The kid is great with his hands so anything that involves building, fixing, or making things would be right up his alley.


Dd wants to be an Irish fiddle playing author who is also maybe a pediatric physical therapist (the last idea was thrown in very recently when she went to work with me for a day).


I wanted to be a pediatrician when I was in about 3rd grade. In 11th grade I changed my mind to pediatric physical therapist because I wanted to get to know my patients and have a lot of time with them and that is what I am.

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Ds has wanted to be an architect since he could say the word "architect."


Dd... wanted to be a pony for a long time. One day she decided to be a hula-hooper. It's not a job, but at least it was a human thing so it was a step in the right direction. She has since listed the following possibilities:

  • Art teacher (but she doesn't want to do or teach art. She says art teachers get cupcakes from everyone, whereas regular teachers only get cupcakes from their students.)
  • DJ
  • Kitchen scientist (I don't know what this is, but she says it's different from cooking or laboratory science.)
  • Writer who lives in a cabin in the woods with a friend
  • Crime-fighter

Needless to say, I'm anxiously awaiting the future. :D

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My husband wanted to be an engineer from as young as he can remember. His dad was an electrical engineer. My husband went on to get degrees in both mechanical and electrical engineering and is very happy as an electrical engineer. I wanted to be a veterinarian or a professional ice cream maker when I was younger. I ended up a math teacher. I never was sure of what I wanted to be though - while my husband was certain. (I didn't figure it out until partway through college and even then, I thought I wanted to be elem. I switched to high school math after graduating).


My oldest (9) wants to be an engineer. It started out that he wanted to be an engineer so he could work with daddy. But due to his aptitude and interest, I wouldn't be surprised if my oldest does end up an engineer.


My middle child (7) wants to be an artist and a veterinarian. I could see either of those happening, but I could also see her changing her mind.


My younger son(4) wants to grow up to be a Girl Scout. (Cookie season just ended and he REALLY wants to sell cookies). He also wants to be a daddy. So maybe he'll have a daughter and get to be a scout leader. (Men who are leaders in Girl Scouts are technically Girl Scouts).

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My 3.5yo said yesterday that she's a 'cardinal biologist'. I haven't a clue what she'll be when she grow up...I change my mind 3 times a day. I love daydreaming about it though, seeing all these little personalities peek out and develop. In many way I suspect she'll grow up to be a poor singer-songwriter :)


Of course, she spends most of her time pretending to be a prince.

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My side of the family gets the intense ones that know what they want to be and went to their chosen field of work. Hubby's side just go with the flow and decide based on what faculty/course they get in at university level.

My intense older wants to be an astronaut before he was three and he just told my hubby last night that he still wants to be an astronaut. His backup occupation is to be a Legoland/Disneyland engineer. My laid back younger wants to be an astronaut since he was five but it could be the influence of the older. However his interest is in constructing and drawing and his backup plan is also to be an amusement park engineer or props engineer (like for Star Wars, Jurassic Park).

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