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? about Spanish and Latin lessons...


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I'm planning our lessons for next year, and I think I have too much material for them to cover in one year.


When you teach two foreign languages how many days per week do you cover Spanish? and how many for Latin?


Next year we're doing Lively Latin for my 8 yo and Latin Prep for 10 yo.


Thanks, I'm finally getting this stuff addressed, Yeah!

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I dunno. We're working this out now.


Right now I plan to do Latin, Spanish and Greek every day. Greek only takes 15 minutes.


If this is too much for my 7th grader, we'll probably switch to doing Latin every other day, and Spanish on the days we don't do Latin, with some kind of short reading or review on the "off" days.


My 5th grader (10 yo) will do Latin and Greek every day. Again, this works because the Greek lessons are so short.


My 8 yo might start Latin this year, and if he does we'll do it daily. But we may well wait until next year. He will do informal Spanish, as well.


I know this doesn't help you any, but I thought I'd toss my own thought processes out there for you :)

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I'm planning on doing Latin and Spanish daily with my 6th gr. dd. She will be using LCI and Latin for Children. We are repeated Latin drop outs, and my goal is to finish that dang book this year. If it gets to be too much, we will do Latin every other day but Spanish will be done every day.


Keeping my fingers crossed.



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This coming year will be our fourth year of Latin and our second year of Spanish - my girls are entering 6th grade.


We do Spanish daily.


We do usually do Latin daily, but not always.


Best wishes,



We are planning on doing Spanish every day. and do a weekly Latin and Spelling lesson over a 2 weeks time.

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I just wanted to share our approach. We do daily lessons in just about everything. It makes for longer days maybe, but my kids like the consistency. What I have been known to do is split a lesson up if it is too long to cover in one day. No one says you have to do the whole lesson in one sitting. Also I will randomly throw in review weeks where they must review everything (grammar and vocabulary) studied up to date. We sometimes don't finish a book in a school year but I tell myself this is a marathon not a sprint.



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