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Ragdoll cats--- anyone here have one?

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Are they REALLY as sweet and cool as they are touted?

About how much are they to buy?

And how does one find a reputable cat breeder?


Clearly, I am a DOG PERSON. But we have a cat, and dd, having been raised with giant breed dogs, desperately wants a ragdoll cat.


So what's the scoop?



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I've known one, who belonged to our neighbor. That cat truly lived up to it's name. It just laid there, lethargically, the whole live-long-day! You could do anything to that cat (turn it upside-down, pick up it's paws and drop them, whatever), and it would just lie there in a heap! :) It was very sweet, but had zero spunk/personality. (kind of boring, imo) ;)

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We found a little kitten that we suspect is part Rag, and we wouldn't trade her for anything. She's very sweet and lets anyone carry her around. We tease that she's a blonde, just a little dim, but so funny. When she comes into a room everyone stops to speak to her.


When we found her she was an ashy/dirty white color, and the dirty patches darkened as she grew into brown patches. She's lovely.

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Dont have ragdolls, but I think the best cat for loving you all the time and playing, is a Burmese.


They are definitely the labs of the cat world. All they do is love you. I have a Bombay too, but is very independent.


You can look up more info on Ragdolls, and find breeders in your area on cfa.com or .org. They have registered breeders and usually they will give you guarantee on purebreeds.



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