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Netflix.........what plan do you have??

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We do the "2-at-a-time Unlimited" plan for $13.99/month -- which allows us to have 2 movies out at the same time for as long as we want.


We usually can get through 6-7 movies a month (occasionally as many as 8, though during an out-of-town vacation month or the holiday season maybe only 4), so that comes out to just about $2/movie. That also comes out to watching a movie about every 4-5 days.


The 2-at-a-time plan a bit of a compromise -- in summer we would enjoy seeing more, but during school we're hard pressed to keep up that pace. One thing we do to make it feel like we have more movies from Netflix is this: during the summer, we "stack" our Netflix queue of films so that about every other DVD is a TV show DVD (for example, the boys really enjoy "Monk" or "Stargate"), which usually comes with *four* 1-hour episodes on one DVD. So we'll watch the "feature film" DVD, return it, and about that time we get the new DVD with 4 hours of TV shows on it, which we spread over 2 days. And about the time we're finishing that one, we get the next feature film DVD. During the school year, we tend to watch more documentaries rather than the TV show episodes.


The turn-around time from Netflix varies; sometimes we have received a new DVD as fast as 2 days after returning the old one; usually it's more like 4 days. So that's why we do the 2-at-a-time plan -- we are usually getting a new one about the same time we've watched the 2nd one and are putting it into the mail.



Hope that answered your question! Warmly, Lori D.

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That their "on demand" choices are hugely beneficial for hsing! I am lining mine up with our Renaissance and Reformation studies this year. They have The History of Christianity, A Reformation Overview and lots of others available either to rent or as a "play right away". GREAT option if I have, say, program 2 of Reformation overview on our viewing list the same week I need all the discs for Henry VIII. I get do watch them all.

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We have the 3 at a time. It is the best deal for us, because we get a lot of series discs with several episodes which we watch only one of a day, and end up keeping them for a week or so. Three gives us the ability to have a movie available for the weekend, as well as one extra for whatever reason.

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Well, we are on the 6-at-a-time plan (5 for me/homeschool, 1 for Bean), but that is because our turn around time over here is terrible (it's usually 2-2 1/2 weeks between the time I mail a disk and when it's replacement arrives in my mailbox - for some reason the military postal system treats them as 1st class mail on the way here, but as bulk mail going back :rant:).


But, when we move back to the states, I think we'll go to the 5-at-a-time plan anyway.

1 for me

1 for Bean

1 for dh

1 for homeschool

1 for the family

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we are at 4 at a time

1 for little girls

1 for alex

1 for lynne

1 for me - which is sometimes for homeschooling


the little girls would like us to go to 5 at a time so they could each have their own (they alternate now, but molly likes to keep them for several days and watch repeatedly, abigail wants to watch and return). there is some wangling because we do have some similar tastes and "don't send back your movie, i want to watch it" is a familiar refrain. but 4 at a time is $27 which is really all I can afford. and if I don't find a new job soon - maybe not that either!!


We are feast or famine around here - watching several movies in a row, then not watching any for a week. late fees kill us at the library.


kate in seattle

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I LOVE the way you can set up a separate "profile" and queue for each person or group in your family. That way the movie comes with that person's name on it and you'll know what/who's movie it is without having to open it up.


We have 4 separate "profiles," so everyone has one movie from their queue at home at all times.



I get two "profiles" one for my personal movies and one for educational movies.


Mom #2 gets her own "profile."


Baby Boy gets his own "profile."



The mail is super quick to Netflix from here. If I put it in the mail this afternoon, they'll get the movie in the morning and send out a new one tomorrow afternoon, which I will get the very next day.


Yah, Netflix! :thumbup:

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