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Peela, Would you please tell me about the Cambridge online Latin Course?


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I just found a note from Laura to you asking about this course. Prior to this I didn't know it existed!


My kids and I are just fininshing Latin Prep 1 and I just ordered (this Am) Latin Prep 2. However Laura in China is much further along than we are so I'm wondering if the course is too advanced for us (or is it too elementary for Laura's kids?)


Do you feel the Cambridge course would be beneficial? Is it changing gears too much? (ie. would we be better just continuing on with Latin Prep?)


Does the course offer audio helps? That is where we really suffer! I just don't know the correct way to speak these latin words.


Can it be taken in the US?


Anything you have to offer would be greatly appreciated!





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Hi Penny,

Well, you don't say how old your kids but, but Laura's son doing LP is quite academically advanced so I wouldn't worry about comparing yourself. LP1 is for around 11 year olds although older kids can do it too, its quite rigorous- it was jsut written for 11yos in British schools. My kids have been doing Cambridge- my 12yo has done Cambridge BOok 1 and is working through LP1. My dd14 has finished Cambridge book 3 but is now doing LP1 and still learning stuff.

I think you should probably jsut stay the course you are on, as LP is excellent and a good mixture of grammar and translating, however if you are interested, Cambridge is a reading based course that is very engaging. You can easily do Book 1 if you have finished LP1, and you will get a lot of practice translating and consolidate the grammar you have learned in LP. In fact, you wont even cover all the grammar you have learned in LP1 in Cambridge Book 1. Cambridge also has a lot of great cultural information.

So if you felt a need to stop and consolidate before you moved on to LP2 you could use Cambridge, or slow down your pace and use Cambridge alongside for fluency and interest.

Since you are using LP, I would use the British version of Cambridge rather than the U.S. Here in Australia, I use the British version. I also have the Independent Learning Manuals for the first three levels- you can buy them without enrolling for the online course and they gives you plenty of support. I have only used the online etutor for my daughter for the 3rd book, and I feel now she may have been better just using LP. If you have done LP 1 you wouldn't need the etutor.


I think Latin Prep and the British Cambridge go quite well together, but I don't think you actually need both. I think there is an audio for Cambridge, but there is also one just out for Latin Prep I believe- have a look online. If thats your only issue, its not worth jumping ship for, particularly if you have already paid for LP2.


If you want to hear some Latin being spoken, go to this link, which is the British Cambridge website, and click on the dictionary. Just click on various words and you will hear them spoken.



Maybe thats all you need.



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