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Overheard in my house tonight

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Picture this:


I'm sitting here, surfing the boards.


Dd 9 is pacing and talking, pacing and talking - it's like she stores it up all day, then it comes out after 9 p.m. When I'm. Done. Listening.


She goes to brush her teeth.


Comes out. Direct quote:


"You know mom, I know you weren't listening to, like, half the words I said. But I just like talking to people."




Lesson learned.

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My dd is the exact same way - always has been. And I so so identify with the I'm.Done.Listening! LOL


When she was about 3 we lived in Eastern Europe. It was frigid and we didn't have a car so we didn't go out a lot. Poor public transportation plus 3yo plus sub zero means homebound. Anyway, one day she grabbed my face and stuck hers in it and said "mommy, I need to see people!"


I couldn't believe that she could verbalize that! We did bundle up and go to the market. :001_smile:

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