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Buying from half.com and a little problem.....

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I bought a book that said brand new condition but it has an orange dot sticker on it's cover as if it had been part of a Sonlight group, it smells very old(musty), and it has a half circle dent on the front cover. I get the impression that it has set on someones shelf for a long long time and was not read. The old smell is just yuck....... The paper feels a bit brittle and is not real yellow but is just starting to turn a bit. It is obvious that the book has not been read but..... I don't think this is a brand new book as it was listed.


So what do you think I should do?

  • Do I return the book.......
  • Do I leave negative feedback and keep the book.....
  • Do I return the book and leave negative feedback.....
  • Do I just let it drop and keep the book?

Has anyone else had this problem before. Is there something else I can do other than what I posted?

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A similar thing happened to me. I contacted the seller directly, and they were very helpful. They refunded my $$, and let me keep the book. Apparently they had so many books for sale that they sent me the wrong copy. It was cheaper for them to refund than to pay for all the shipping to exchange. You might try it; most sellers are very protective of their reputation and will treat you well.

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It has been a looooong time since I used half.com so I may be rusty but can you contact the seller?

I guess it might depend on how much you paid for the book if you want to go to the trouble of returning it. I do recall that I purchased a book and was sent the wrong one, I notified the seller and they sent me the right book and told me not to worry about returning the first one.

The best resolution it seems would be to get your money back or at least a partial refund since the book was obviously misrepresented. I would hold off on the neg feedback until you are sure the seller won't resolve the problem properly.

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I just had this happen through an Amazon seller. I purchased a book represented as Excellent Condition, but it arrived quite warped, with old water damage. I contacted the seller (a large bookseller) and I am returning it to them for a full refund. They also sent me a return address label so they are paying postage. I don't buy a lot of used books, but this is the first time anything bad has happened. I don't think this is the norm though...

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