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Abeka Elementary Math- need TM?

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which, by the way, is the only thing I used for my ds. He did great with just this, but he is a "mathy" person, and didn't need much else. I didn't even have to drill his math tables, because he "just knew them". My dd, however, was a different story. She wasn't getting it so I purchased the TM and it has a lot of extra stuff to do (mostly using different ways to get a point across) to get a certain concept across. For example, use different counters to do addition problems, the next day, use animals but a slightly different way of presenting the same information. I am convinced she would not have done as well if we did not have the TM.


Hope that helps.

Hot Lava Mama

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The Teacher Manual/Edition just has the answers to the student textbook. (Now that I think about it the 1st grade TM does have teaching tips but I think after that you must purchase the Curriculum/lesson plan book)


What you would want to purchase is the Arithmetic Curriculum and Lesson plan book. I always used them for the lower grades but stopped using them about 4th grade.


I know some have said that the Curriculum book is not needed, but I feel it makes the program more complete.


They give all types of teaching tips, shows the concept to be taught each day.

I also feel that the Concept cards are a great addition to the program.



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I used A Beka Math 1 last year & definitely recommend that you, the teacher, get the homeschool curriculum/lesson plan book ($35, if I remember correctly). I wouldn't get the teacher's manual.


I wasn't sure if I needed it but am VERY glad I got it. It explains what to review & how to teach the lesson/concept that day. I don't do all the activities or every single review item. I haven't purchased the extras they sell - I make our own supplemental material or buy the $1 flashcards vs. their massively priced ones. But I would definitely recommend the lesson plan book for the younger math levels.

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I'm somewhat lazy! Getting the TM gives you the answers fast, which is what I've always needed, homeschooling three kids! First grade math is extremely simple, but the TM gets the job of corrections done very quickly.


The Curriculum/Lesson plans guides are helpful, but don't feel compelled to follow their entire routine every day. I've used Abeka for math from 2nd through 6th grade (we had a brief experiment with Saxon in 1st grade) and it is a good elementary/grammar school math program, but I've found that the Lesson plan guide has a lot of busy work. I suggest that you read through each day's lesson and pace yourself and your little one. When they show signs of being tired, you've probably done enough for the day.



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