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Janice in NJ

Grammar: Scope & Sequence Advice Needed - A Beka 6 & 7 vs. R&S 6

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I have the R&S grammar books on my shelf. Love them. :001_smile:


But I finished level 6 with my youngest last year, and don't want to start level 7 until next year. (He'll be in 6th grade in the fall.)


So I was thinking about picking up an A Beka workbook to keep his skills sharp without spending a lot of time in instruction.


So should I pick up Grade 6 or Grade 7 A Beka? (Their scope and sequence is horrible. Phone consultation was equally unhelpful.)


Your advice is appreciated!!!


(I thought about doing the R&S 6 workbook again, but I know he will view this as punishment. :D He did well with the book. VERY well. So I don't want him to think that he's being demoted by making him do it again. I obviously don't want to spend a lot of time on grammar this year; we'll focus on writing, but I don't want to skip it entirely either. AND I really don't want to use another curriculum besides A Beka. I've used A Beka before, and liked it; it made "sense" to me. I don't want to "learn" a new curriculum. KWIM? :001_smile: THANKS!)





Enjoy your little people

Enjoy your journey


P.S. Oh - time - is there a big difference in the texts? Does one take a TON more time than the other? We obviously won't do all of the exercises, but I don't want to have to weed through a ton of exercises. Is there a big difference between the two books as far as time required in the "planned" lessons? THANKS!

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I would go ahead and use Abeka's Grammar "C" level, if your goal is to keep skills sharpened. This way, you are reviewing learned material in a new format, hopefully keeping the "boring" factor at bay.


I'd be concerned that Abeka's gr. 7 workbook would touch on things you have not yet covered.

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I found Rod & Staff and ABeka to be right on level with each other. If you want a year of review, I would recommend using grade 6.


Just another thought, though I use Rod & Staff or ABeka (depending on the child) as our main grammar curriculum, I found a year of Easy Grammar to be beneficial. It seemed to give the kids a different view of grammar and helped to deepen their understanding.


I'm not familiar with the new revisions of Easy Grammar, so I don't know which grade level to recommend.



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Thanks! Ordered.

One more thing handled. Easy-Peasy for me too! :D


I am really looking forward to centering my language arts face-time with this little man around writing and literature. The workbook should be perfect for his "alone time."



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