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Is Right Start all I need for math?


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I've decided to give Right Start a whirl.....we finished Rod and Staff 1 for first grade, yet, it just seemed that the concepts didn't "stick" and his math facts were all scrambled at the end of the year. I decided that the traditional methods must not be working, and I'd try something different.


I ordered Right Start B, and we're essentially repeating first grade work, which bothers my little public-school-mentality brain. Should I supplement with something else in the hope that I'll get him caught up to the 2nd grade work he's doing in his other subjects? Will it totally confuse him if I do Saxon math, too? Or what if I just supplement with a systematic math facts system? Help! I need some clarity. And a deep breath.


Thanks for all your advice, hive

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I started ds with RS math last year (after MUS didn't pan out for him). He started level B even though it was his 2nd grade year.


At first I tried doing two lessons at once, but that was too fast-paced and not pleasant for either one of us. ;) We slowed the pace and finished Level B about a month ago. (We had several breaks in the school year, due to moving, kitchen remodeling, and the chickenpox! Otherwise, we would have finished sooner, and I may have been able to start RS C.)


So at this point, I've resigned myself to being a year "behind" with him. Looking at what he's learned, and what he's able to figure out, he really doesn't seem behind for the end of 2nd grade. We're doing the CAT test in a week or two, so I'll see how he does on that. By the end of RS B, they're able to add four-digit numbers. I think that's pretty decent. :)


The only thing I've supplemented with (sporadically, starting about halfway through) is Singapore's Challenging Word Problems 1.


Relax and enjoy the math journey! :)


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I would not supplement with anything else for the moment. I'd go as fast as he is able being sure to take time to do the visualization w/ the sticks and abacus and playing the games. I've read several places that RS B covers 1st grade and some of 2nd grade. It's not a traditional scope and sequence like PS but it does work very well, if it's the right fit for your kid and your teaching style, that is.

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