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Cable and dish tv users I need input please...

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We had Comcast cable in our 1st apt, 1st house and the house that we now live in. About 1 1/2 yrs after moving here, we switched to DirecTv. I've been happy with them until now. One of the receivers is not working properly. We've gone through all of the resets and other things that the tech support people told us to do and it doesn't work. Ok, we ask for a new receiver. The customer service lady says we have to pay $20 for them to ship a new receiver to us and another $20 to ship the old one back. We cannot go to a location and swap it out either. We have to pay $40. Huh? She also informed us that any service calls from a DirecTv person would be $80 for them to just to walk in the door and then whatever the charge is for the repair. I'm just not understanding this at all. This is their equipment and we are paying a "leasing fee" for the boxes. So we have to pay them to fix their own stuff.


I never had this issue with Comcast. When we had a faulty box they would swap it out. There was never a charge for fixing the internet connection when it wasn't working. Any Comcast users? Is this still the same or do they charge for service calls too?


I am thinking about going back to Comcast. Our dish and boxes for DirecTv are over 3 yrs old. If one box is bad then how long before the dish goes? We have to pay them to fix or replace it? We have lots of snow and ice on the roof in the winter.


I guess I thought I was saving money with DirecTv. But if we have to pay for any problems with the TV, DSL or phone line now. I understand if it was a problem with our equipment. I just didn't think they'd charge to fix their own.


Ok, rant over...

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