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Just have to brag a little here.

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My middle dd just turned 7 last week (the one who's birthday caused me such grief). We sat down to look at library books Sunday evening and there was one that an 11 yo girl had written and had bound, then donated to the library. It was an alright book, but dd was thrilled that it was handwritten and the girl had drawn her own pictures. She decided she wanted to write a book.

She sat down that evening and yesterday morning and wrote the most fabulous story. She used correct grammar, punctuation (including quotes, commas, exclamation, question marks), she misspelled only the word Charities.....it was just amazing. We had sporadically done FLL last year but other than that no formal grammar or spelling. I am just in awe of what she was able to accomplish! It ended up being 4 8x11 pages with more than half of each page written.

I just want to cry I'm so happy! Proof here that reading a LOT will give your kids a leg up on writing!

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