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Running wear - where's the best place to order or buy?

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I've gotten stuff at Target - made by C9 (Champion). It's sort of in it's own department but tends to be next to the underwear and bras or next to the nightwear if the 2 are separate. They do have short shorts, but they also have longer length stuff.


I've bought stuff from roadrunnersports.com. Again you have to check the length but they do have longer stuff.


Wait, when I say longer, I mean midthigh, about. All of this is wicking fabric stuff.


Then I love the shirts at onemoremilerunning.com. They are sassy! I love the one "Does this shirt make my butt look fast?" But dh won't let me buy it. I have "Running is cheaper than therapy" and "Find your happy pace". Love their shirts, but their skort is too short ad rides up. When they say their stuff runs small, believe them! I ordered one size up and now wish I had ordered 2 sizes.

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I need to invest in better gear to run in. I prefer a longer length in running shorts (though, I don't need anything down to my knees!). What do you recommend and where's the best place to purchase? Many TIA!


The best place to purchase, imo, is your local, independent running shop. There's one in particular here to which I'm loyal. I appreciate their support of the community and their knowledgeable staff and I in turn want to support them.


As far as brands, I've made a point of buying Sugoi because many of their products were made in Vancouver, BC as opposed to Vietnam, etc. Unfortunately, it seems Sugoi is outsourcing more and more. My second choice, then, is Brooks, because they have a specific plan in place to act as a socially responsible, environmentally conscious business. And Brooks really knows running; I've been happy with all my Brooks items ~ shoes, shorts, tights.

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