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What does your

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I have both of these:D!

My ds7 loves his army guys right now. He has about 150 WWII and Civil War plastic figures (pick them up at the grocery store for very cheap) and he sets them up all over the house...I live in a war zone!

He also loves baseball, playing catch, soccer, and Legos. He reads a lot, especially likes the Hardy Boys and Encyclopedia Brown.

My dd9 is a prolific writer. She loves to journal and make up codes for others to break. She reads everything, loves American Girl related things including the only website I let her go on for the games Americangirl.com .

She also enjoys riding her bike and swimming. Baking is fun for her too.

Hope that helps!

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My just turned 8yob loves to swim, play with water guns, throw the baseball, play video games(with his older brother), LOVES legos, board games, and paint.

He also LOVES doing science kits and experiments. Forgot to add that he loves little army men and tanks- we can get them cheap at the dollar store along with water balloons.


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We have 7yo twins, so here are their interests,


1. Playmobil, hands down

2. Legos

3. Outside anything

4. Fighting each other

5. Anything having to do with cars, balls, building, creating, movement....:auto:


Can't help you with the girl.



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I have an 8 year old boy!!


He loves to draw -- loves nothing more than a 'how to draw' book and a new pack of drawing paper and colored pencils!


He loves Legos and any other construction sets (K'nex / Tinkertoys / blocks)


He loves to play outside -- riding bikes, playing basketball, climbing trees, wading through the creek and exploring the woods (we live in the country)


He loves video games, computer games, and board games (especially Monopoly and Chess)

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Ds9 still plays the same as he did when he was 7:

He loves the little plastic army men

Anything with army tanks

Hot wheels cars, baseball

He likes to dress up in his camo and run around the yard acting like he's taking down bad guys!


Did I mention he wants to be a navy seal when he grows up?



loves to play with anything girlie-nailpolish, fake press on nails, make-overs, journaling, and coloring

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When my kids were that age, they liked:



Dressing up in costumes and playing pretend (lots of lengths of different fabrics were used)

Digging in the huge mud hole they made in the back yard

Watching Disney movies, Power Rangers, Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, cartoons


Drawing, crafts, play-doh/clay, painting

Riding bikes and scooters


Playing with toys (dolls, G.I. Joes, Playmobil) and board games

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