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Any Beach body/Turbo Jam users on here? My dd wants

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to order this. What would you recommend for a newbie? Did you have any problems with your order? I saw some complaints had been registered about folks not getting what they ordered or getting signed up for a membership they didn't request. Makes me a little leary. What site did you order yours from? And can you get this in the store or not?


Sorry for all the questions!

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the Turbo Jam live! Cardio party remix.



I was not expecting what I got.

It's a dance routine the likes of which I will never be able to keep up with, nor am I sure I want to.

Young girls would probably get a kick out of it though.

If you're interested I can sell you mine for $11 ppd.


I got mine from ebay-when I tried calling the 800 # it was too confusing and they tried to sell me more than what I wanted.

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I have several beachbody programs and love them. I only wish I had TurboJam (and if you don't take advantage of the one offered above, I'm interested!).


I have made calls to order BB products and have taken calls as an operator. Nothing is hidden, but many people are a bit in a hurry or emotional when they call and can get into something they don't understand. Well and parts of the script are wordy....


Anyway, the agent HAS to read the script. You are welcome to say yes or no as you need to. If you don't understand something, it's the agent's job to go back over it for you or to answer questions.


As for membership things with BB. There are two levels. One is one you pay for and I didn't get this at first but then signed up for it a few weeks later. The other is free and just allows you to log your workouts (and possibly win money working out!), play in the forums, etc.


Oh, and I will say as a customer that I have known a few people to wait longer for their orders. This includes myself. I do NOT know if this is normal or not. However, I have never had, as an agent, a call complaining they just never got it.


HTHs a little.

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