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If I pulled a muscle in my shoulder would it hurt

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tendonitis (perhaps it could be called bursitis, if I remember correctly, the "bursa" is tucked in among those bones in your shoulder...). VERY painful, and it worried me that I felt like I couldn't get a full berath without feeling the pain. I saw the doctor and ended up with a very strong ibuprofin prescription and lotsa ice packs. I think I just wrenched my shoulder the wrong way when pulling down the back lift gate of the van. Do you remember doing any physical activity that may have strained your shoulder?


I don't mean to alarm you, but given the symptoms, I think it might be prudent to ask you to consider if these are heart-related symptoms. PROBABLY NOT, but I would feel just awful if I came off as saying "it's just tendonitis" when you really need a cardiologist, kwim?


Hope you can get an accurate diagnosis soon, for me it was debilitating, very frustrating!

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