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Bible Study Guide For All Ages users......


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I'm considering purchasing this and cannot figure out which level to start at!

Also......Do I need the teachers guide? How about the timeline and figures?


Do you purchase one pack at a time for the students(lesson1-26)? Or do you buy many at once?


I've been researching curriculum for so long that I'm in a total fog!!!


Thanks for your help!

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To determine which worksheets to get - look at the samples online. Read through each and try to determine if your child could do them. The Intermediate sheets start, I believe, at Grade 1 - however there was a little too much writing for my first grader last year. I wanted my kids to be able to do these sheets independently but she couldn't do all the Intermediate level herself.


The Teacher's guide is nice, but I generally do not refer to it at all. If you really want to do an indepth study, or have older kids, then you should seriously consider it.


I originally got the non-readers timeline (because at the time it fit) but I did not like it. We do not use a separate timeline at all for this. However, if you get the 'new' (non-classic) worksheets, the Intermediate has timeline work every other sheet.


We do two lessons a week so I purchase two sets of worksheets for each child for the year. I like to do this so we save on shipping (although I do purchase them from Rainbow Resource since they are cheaper on shipping)


Any more questions?

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For the younger levels I believe you only need the instructor guide if you're doing the timeline.


I agree with the other poster, look at the samples, read them, and then make your decision.


I purchase enough sheets for the whole year. Rainbow has free shipping over a certain $ amount so I like to get them from there.

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