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Professor B Math

Sharon in SC

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Well, I can help with part of your request. I have zero experience with ABeka, but we are long-time Professor B users. His program is unlike any other I have seen. He has a very interesting method of explaining the theory to the children using either a scripted teacher text or videos, and then the children practice. One of my biggest achievements as a homeschooler is that even though I have a huge math phobia and am terrible at it, my children do NOT have a phobia and they understand their math well.


Professor B has samples of the videos at the website, and they can give you a good idea of his method. He does NOT use the spiral approach, but he does require the children to review every so often. And whenever he teaches a new concept he has them work up to using it with quite large numbers, so they are not intimidated by large numbers.


My math-with-computer-science major husband really likes how Professor B presents concepts. (I usually have no clue where Prof B is going and just follow the scripts like a good girl.) But it takes a lot of "courage" to use it because it looks a LOT different than what "everyone else" is using ; ).


DD is at the beginning of Book 3, and DS is about 2/3 of the way through Book 2.


Hope this helps.

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Someone from this board convinced me to switch to Prof B and I could've sworn it was you, Sharon! We were using MUS which my son started to resent. It was weird because he was really doing well with MUS and then just burnt out or hit a wall.


We love ProfB and used the CD. I do have a couple critism of the CD though. First, you don't know how long a lesson is and some of them are quite long. Second, you can't bookmark a lesson. If you don't finish a lesson, you cannot save your place and pick up where you left off for the next time. That is why I switched to the manual this go around.

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I have been using Professor B math with my ds 8 for the past three years. As WTM Cassandra said, the approach is unlike any other I've seen.


One aspect I particularly like is Professor B's use of teaching

stories. You will find a good example of this technique on the level 1 sample CD, upper subtraction facts lesson. As learners internalize story sequences, there is no need to memorize a series of "steps" to solve math problems. Learners comprehend why as well as how to approach problems in a particular way, and the stories are easily retained.


Prof B Sample CD click on the link at left to see the sample CDs.


This program has been a particularly good fit for ds 8 who comprehends math concepts readily, but struggles with handwriting. A minimal amount of handwriting is required in the program - drills are presented in teh form of "games" on teh computer, with written work required only occasionally.


Another reason this program was a good fit for my "kinesthetic" ds 8 is because he was literally able to swing from the basketball hoop in our family room while doing teh lessons rather than sitting patiently in his seat as I explained each of thee concepts, which is something that, until this year, he would have been unable to do successfully.


This is a mastery approach, which has been very successful for us.


Please feel free to let me know if you have additional questions.

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To address this issue, I right click on the last slide ds is finishing for the day, then click on "go to slide" to find out the number for the slide. I note where we left off on a post it note that I keep on teh front of the case, along with a note about lessons I want to go back and review (ie. drills). This makes it easier to pick up where we left off : )

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Someone from this board convinced me to switch to Prof B and I could've sworn it was you, Sharon!


Nope, not me. I happen to be an ABeka gal through 6th grade. :p


However, my youngest is one who can benefit from differing ways of explaining concepts thus I'm always interested in hearing about the other programs available and why I posted about Prof B today!


Thanks for sharing!


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