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Any helpful suggestions for underachiever?

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I don't know how many other children you're schooling, but if at all possible, I would spend serious Mom Time with this child. Sit next to her as she does her work, talking, encouraging, keeping her on track and head out of the clouds, discussing the options, talking over why 'dear' is spelled that way instead of the more intuitive 'deer.' Laugh about how ridiculous these things are. Communicate that you're not angry with her, quite the contrary, you're on the same team. And sometimes things are hard and frustrating.


When my 11 yo son is discouraged, his attitude falls very low and he is convinced he can do nothing. Lots of loving attention brings him back. I try to keep the school talk positive and frequently bring up how this or that situation (in his schoolwork) reminds me of a previous time when he had trouble learning a new concept, but then he kept trying and he did it.


He just needs to know that I love him and believe in him. And that I'm willing to drop other things and spend my time on him. Because he's my son, and he's worth it.

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