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Great way I discovered to make sauce from fresh tomatoes

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I have been making tomato sauce for years. I love the way it tastes but hate peeling the tomatoes it is messy, hot and a pain. So the other day I decided to throw a bunch of tomatoes, skins and all, in the blender(I did take the tops off). I also threw in an onion, a can of paste, seasonings to taste, and 2 Italian sausages. Then I put it all in a stew pot and let it cook down for 6 hours or so. Dh said it was the best sauce I had ever made (you have to love that guy) I am making another batch today(today I have also put in some red wine and a few sun dried tomatoes). I did about two blenders full worth of sauce.

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Would you consider thawing out a frozen one and trying it, to see if the peels become more evident? I'd appreciate it so much. I sell at farmers' market, so I have several hundred (yes) tomato plants, and I've been dreading the peeling.

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Clever. I might try that.


Do you can or freeze your sauce?

yes you can can it -- without the meat. This is basically what I do. I also throw in garlic, fresh basil, fresh oregano, and a bell pepper if they've grown. :)


It's a great basic sauce for all those Italian dishes and soups!


I got the recipe originally from a Martha Steward magazine. She had another one that just called for a spring of basil in the bottom of the jar and then fill it will the cooked blended tomato puree.

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Were you using sauce tomatoes? I have plants that are sauce tomatoes and slicing tomatoes but my slicing/salad tomatoes are doing the best by far. So I thought I might try your idea with them but I would need to be able to use my salad ones since the sauce are only doing so-so.


Thanks for the great plan. I wasn't going to make sauce because I didn't want to peel them. So Thanks!!

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