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just curious...what does your school line-up look like for...

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My 5th grader does



math (math mammoth and LOF)




LA (editing adventures, and IEW SWI-B)

getting started with latin


Then we have 2 days of history (SOTW, and a living book (Johnny Tremain right now) and mapwork on what he is reading and timeline)

And 2 days a week science (zoology 3 with some of the notebooking)


They also have 3 books we do for read alouds one time week. Right now that is The Tempest, Kon Tiki, and Oliver Twist


Then they have 4 books they read one day a week (we do 4 day school weeks). These include one character building book, one biography, (or two) and usually at least one nature studies or science book.


Next year for 6th grade we are adding in science biographies, more latin, and one more reading a week.


Oh and the kids also have a book they read in the evenings before bed. They have one book a month I assign them to read and then when they get it read they can read something else. (example right now he is reading Swiss Family Robinson)


We have a heavy reading curriculum. They seem to enjoy that part though. When I have asked them what they would change they usually say something like math lol or less writing. Yeah not gonna happen.

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My 6th grader:


History: MFW Exploration to 1850 (Story of the World 3, George Washington's World and Exploring American History are the main history texts plus note booking, maps, and state info sheets and read-alouds)

Science: Apologia Botany w/Notebooking Journal (for spring semester; we did a study on animals in the fall)

Bible: Copying and discussing the book of James this year, Boy Have I Got Problems and Awana memorization

Math: Saxon 8/7

English: Intermediate Language Lessons

Writing: Writing Strands 4, Friday Family Letters

Vocab: English from the Roots Up (review of Vol. 1)

Spelling: Spelling Power (started the year with it anyways; he's a natural speller so we've sort of given it up for now)

Art: God and the History of Art 2, Draw Write Now, Draw and Write through History

Music: Composer biographies and music on CD

Co-op: Elective type classes (science based this semester...science in the kitchen, science outdoors and science build-it are the class titles)


History: 3-5 days a week

Science: 2-3 days a week

Bible: 5 days a week

Math: 5 days a week

English: 3 days a week

Writing: 3 days a week

Vocab: 1 day a week

Spelling: on a hiatus :)

Art: 2-3 days a week

Music: 1 day a week

Co-op: 1 day a week for 8 weeks per semester


We spend about 2 1/2-3 hours straight doing school per day, math taking up about a third of it and Friday being a very light school day.

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For DS10 in 5th...


Math: continue AoPS, Life of Fred


Logic: Orbiting with Logic


Language: MCTLA Voyage, IEW-SICC A, Voyages in English, Spelling Power, good books, Teaching the Classics, continue poetry memorization


Speech/Debate: Speak Out! Debate and Public Speaking in the Middle Grades and Well Spoken: Teaching Speaking to All Students; I've been looking for ways to dig deeper into current events, geography, politics, etc. and I think starting with family speech/debate would be a fun approach. It is definitely time to widen his world. DH is going to up his game in the life skills department as well.


Spanish: continue with Rosetta Stone & conversational Spanish


Latin: Lively Latin (I have this already, but I might just wait another year and keep our focus on Spanish for now. This is one I'm unsure of...still.)


History: SOTW 3 & OUP with guides, more primary sources, lots of good historical fiction and lit, continuing with The Story of Science


Science: CPO science, which I will (ridiculously) try to use in a way that weaves life, earth, and physical together. We will also combine/continue inquiry science and tinkering but I will be teaching/looking for more organized written work and increased use of math. Also looking to incorporate a higher level of current non-fiction books on the subject. I am enjoying the suggestions in the CPO teacher's guides.


Nature Study: continue Desert Southwest Family Field Guide Project


Art: continue to integrate with history using A Child’s History of Art, Art in Story, and Simply Charlotte Mason Picture Study Portfolios; applied art with whatever lesson plans DD comes up with


Swim Team


Guitar/Piano: continue lessons and learn a selection of historic pieces


I think we will also do another geography unit over the summer. I am thinking of incorporating Mapping the World with Art.

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daily, my 5th grader does:

Math: 1 hour, variety of resources

Writing: a WWS lesson, or a similar across-the-curriculum writing assignment

Language arts: either spelling, grammar, or vocab (loop)

Literature: read aloud/discussion or discussion of an independently read book

Science: right now, a Botany lesson and related reading

History: read a SOTW chapter section and outline it, and/or reading historical fiction


Spanish 1-2 lessons of GSWS

usually a min of one hour of independent reading, usually more

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My dd is 6th grade and we are doing the following:


Science-MR Q Physical Science

History- Story of the USA & Time Travelers History units

Math-Teaching Textbooks

Spelling-Spelling Power

Writing-Winning with writing

Literature-Lapbook Lit study

Geography- Trail Guides US coupled with many games

Art- Once a week Atelier Art

PE-Family Time Fitness

Co-op once a week-only takes courses for fun, these don't count towards our academics (taking dangerous boys science class, they let girls take it, Drama Games, and a Crafty class)


We will also be adding AAS soon because she needs more spelling help.

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5th grade plans:


Math: Saxon 6/5 and Tables, Squares, and Cubes for drill (CC)


Logic: Building Thinking Skills 2


Latin: Latin's Not So Tough 5


Greek: Hey Andrew 5


Spelling: Spelling Plus


Grammar: Essentials of the English Language (CC)


Writing: IEW Theme-based, PreScripts Sentences and Passages


Reading: McCall Crabbs D, McGuffey 5th Eclectic Reader, VP 5th grade lit and WRTR 5th grade lit list


Memory Work and Enrichment: CC Foundations program, West Minster Shorter Catechism, Character First, AWANA, IEW Poetry


Extra History: VP and SOTW


Bible: VP and family devotions


6th grade plans:


Same except:


Math: Saxon 7/6


Logic: The Basics of Critical Thinking


Latin: LNST 6


Greek: HA 6


Spelling: Dictation Resource Book


Reading: McCAll Book E, McGuffey 6th, WRTR and VP 6th grade lit


All other writing comes from the materials CC sells or the living books they recommend. They do additional research and add context to their memory work and then notebook about it. Summer Science consists of Lyrical Science, worksheets/coloring pages, more Van Cleave experiments, It Couldn't Just Happen and other read alouds. I'm considering Apologia for the summer as well, but not sure yet. Extra lapbooking in the summer for more depth and review as well. More art from Discovering Great Artists plus music lessons........

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I forgot to mention that they use Teaching the Classics to guide their literature narrations. For read aloud we use Teaching the Classics and A Thomas Jefferson Education list. Devotions include manners, hymn singing and study, and a devotion from Character First or Training Hearts, Teaching Minds (based on catechism).

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Ds, currently 6th, is doing:


The Paragraph Book


Soaring with Spelling & Vocab


Writing Strands 3


The Sentence Faily (grammar)


Saxon 6/5


K12's Human Odyssey Vol. 1 (up to the Greeks this year), w/supplemental reading & documentaries/movies Reading A Little History of the World instead as a quick overview


Dr. Art' Guide to Science, with supplemental reading, hands-on and documentaries; readings from The Story of Science: Aristotle (and some related hands-on with the T&K Milestones in Science kit)


Richard Halliburton's Complete Book of Marvels (geography)


Lots of art projects and classical music





Dd10 will be in 5th in the fall. Keep in mind she's a LATE reader, so some of her stuff is "below" where an average 5th grader would be:


Reading practice, mostly real books, some leveled readers


Math Mammoth Blue series


Continue through Human Odyssey w/her brother


Magic of Reality as a science spine, with additional reading and plenty of hands-on and documentaries


Interest led history and science!




Writing Strands 2, and into 3 (I think... this is the one area I am unsure in)


Megawords or Soaring w/Spelling & Vocab


Richard Halliburton's book:: The Complete Book of Marvels (will be finishing this up) and then The Glorious Adventure: Traveling the Mediterranean in the Wake of Odysseus, or ??? AND Globalmania for geography


Calvert's package deal for A Child's History of Art: Sculpture, and then into Painting; New Augsburgs Book of Drawing for hands-on


Leonard Bernstein's Concerts for Young People on youtube for music appreciation


Roller derby

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