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I feel like a homeschooling failure

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Most of dd's life, we've gone with a classical/CM method. But it just doesn't work if I have to work full-time. By the end of the day, after I get home, we're both tired and neither wants to have any form of a serious discussion about school. It breaks my heart, because dd LOVES MCT and we just don't do it now. I don't know how to make it into an independent program for her--it's not meant to be used that way.


So, I've resigned myself to the fact we just need open-and-go materials for more independent learning. I've looked at Lifepacs, Starline Press, CLE, PAC, etc. Some of it looks ok, and dd is fine with worktexts, but this isn't what I wanted! I feel like I have failed her in this way, but then again I feel like at her age, more independence and ownership of her work is necessary and normal.


I don't know how to not beat myself up over this and I don't like the idea of being restricted to the above-mentioned materials. There has to be more out there that lends itself to independent learning.


Any ideas? Dd will be in 11th grade in the fall.

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I understand. I don't work full time but I was trying to engage with my 14 yo ds after working with his younger siblings all day. Quality discussions just weren't happening at 4 or 5 pm every day!!! Nothing wrong with some open and go. And, fwiw, imho, if your dd has had any of Ambleside, she's had more than many get in a bricks/mortar school. IRL, I have heard others with busy families and big families say they grade their high schooler's literature soley by reading the papers they write. I've seen their kids. They are great. It's not the end of the world.


Sorry I sound like a serious underachiever... I'm not usually that way... and excuses were not what you asked for. What if you plan out some subjects in a "get it done" way and then plan just one that you can go deeper on - more classical, more living, more engagement? Would that work and help you feel like you're still accomplishing your goals?


Also, agreeing with texasmama!

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