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Internet Parental Controls HELP


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We have 4 Macs that the kids have access too. All are laptops with the exception of one Mac Mini. The mini ordinarily resides in my oldest sons room. It does have the parental controls activated, but they aren't working well for us.


Yesterday we discovered that he was doing some things online that we would like him not to do. The funny thing is that if he had asked permission it would have been allowed with some supervision. He likes to make videos with his friends and post them on YouTube. In order to do this it requires an email account and YouTube account, both of which we didn't have knowledge of. His group of friends set up the accounts together. The biggest issue is that he lied when I asked him about it.


We are okay with some videos as well as email as long as they are monitored. What I really want to do is view all of his key strokes or actions from a different computer so that he can be monitored and kept in check. I have no idea how to do this, but I think it can be done. He was honest when I talked about parental controls and said don't bother I can bypass them anyways. He hasn't done this yet, but said it wasn't difficult.


Currently the computer has been removed from his room, but we don't have any space in the common areas where this can be set up on a regular basis. He does need access to the computer for school work.


The discipline is being dealt with, but I'm open to any and all recommendations on how to monitor this computer and any others in the house. I think it might also be possible to monitor the wireless, but I'm not sure how.

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