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Latin I Online Class Using Wheelocks : I am trying to choose b/w Oxford Tutorials,

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Scholars Online, and Artesian Wells Tutorials since their schedules will fit ours.

Does any one have experience with any of these? I would prefer Oxford or Artesian Wells since both have audio components. Scholars does not. Will this matter? Regina Coeli also has an online class but their timing of the class will not work for us. Lukeion is full. Please provide input. I will have to decide on something quickly.



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My younger dd took all of her latin from Norm Lund at Oxford and she loved him. Artesian Wells is run by one Wes Callihan's daughters (Schola Tutorials) and her new husband. My older dd took classes with them. I think this will be their first full year of operation, so you will probably get lots of enthusiasm but less experience from them.


I hope this is helpful - I am sure that you will be pleased with either of them!



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I ran one of the Wheelock Latin online co-op classes for 2 1/2 years when my older dd worked through Wheelock. We found it fairly easy to self-study, but she did that in 7-8th grades. I offered to host the group, because that kept us motivated. GRIN. (And it was free.)


I've heard nothing but good things about the Scholars Online courses.

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